Wortspiele, Brooklyn

A German Immersion Montessori preschool and language program in Brooklyn, NY


Since its inception in 2004 Wortspiele has undergone several transitions from the first Brooklyn based early childhood program offering playgroups, music & movement and emergent readers classes in German to the state-of-the-art preschool it is today.

What has never changed is our commitment to providing outstanding progressive education in a warm and supportive setting that respects and values the individuality and uniqueness of each child as much as the classroom community we build together. Outside the classroom Wortspiele is committed to supporting families through networking and building a strong community.

Today, Wortspiele combines academic excellence with a nurturing and stimulating environment, based on a comprehensive Montessori

curriculum for bi- and multilingual children, equal to the finest preschools available in NYC.

Our academic curriculum is aligned with the Universal Pre-K Interdisciplinary Curriculum Content and Guidelines of the NYC DOE; and satisfies (often exceeds) all comprehensive New York State pre-K Learning Standards and Guidelines of the New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core.

More than that, Wortspiele offers a modern, developmentally appropriate, fun and challenging learning experience in a mixed-age language Immersion classroom for two to five year old children, which encourages each child to develop all of his or her multiple intelligences and all aspects of his or her personality. While our pedagogy is designed to help children develop German as a second native language, it emphasizes and fosters independence, creativity, flexibility, curiosity, empathy, a love of learning, cooperation, strong self-esteem and problem-solving skills in our students - qualities that will serve your children well, growing up as young New Yorkers. Here, or anywhere else.

Starting with the 2019-20 school year, Wortspiele will be adding dual language instruction (German/English) on Tuesdays and Thursdays (available for Two’s, too!), when our German teachers will be joined by one English-speaking teacher in the classroom.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will remain full Immersion days.

As co-founder and proud partner of the German School Brooklyn (GSB), located just a few blocks from Wortspiele, on Eastern Parkway, I am extremely pleased that parents now have the option to continue their children’s German language education right here in Brooklyn.

For more information on the German School Brooklyn, please visit germanschoolbrooklyn.com

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Christine Krabs

Director/Founder Wortspiele

German Immersion Montessori preschool

                 for children ages 2 through 6. In Brooklyn since 2004.

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    2018-19 Fall Open Houses

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Learning to read and write German with Montessori

The Montessori whole language approach to teaching children to read and write has stood the test of time, and many of its elements have been adopted and incorporated in modern methods used in elementary schools in Germany today. It is also extremely compatible with "The Reading & Writing Project” developed by Lucy Calkins at Columbia University`s Teachers College, which is widely used in NYC´s premier elementary schools for teaching students to read and write in English.

In this approach, writing precedes reading in the form of invented spelling: children learn to recognize individuals sounds as “word building blocks” and the letters and letter combinations that symbolize these sounds. They start to write words “as they hear them”, making their internal language visible.

In our preschool this process is introduced and supported by the Montessori materials for reading and writing: The movable alphabet enables children as young as 4 to “compose” words using invented spelling, which they greatly enjoy. Young children assume that writing is an “inborn skill” that they “quite naturally” possess and they are fascinated with the process. The sandpaper letters and the metal insets help children develop the lightness of touch and other fine-motor-skills as well as the concentration and hand-eye-coordination needed for writing, as do the many activities of everyday life.

In these early stages, spelling mistakes are accepted in order to encourage and enable children to use writing creatively, as a meaningful tool of self expression and communication. The focus is on developing a strong, lasting love for the written word and all its possibilities.

Spelling mistakes get corrected later on, as spelling, grammar and reading exercises follow.

To register for an open house, please send an e-mail to office@wortspielebrooklyn.com

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